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Would love to use this but...

... If there's a way to perform even the most basic of functions with this app (add, delete and edit recipes, switch to landscape view, etc...) I haven't found a way to do it. Kinda useless if you can't... um... USE it.

Great idea, not ready for prime time.

This has lots of potential, but besides not being able to add recipes to the app, the search needs help. "Short ribs" turned up cupcakes and kale chips, "brussels" sprouts gave me a bunch of Asian dishes that didn't call for them.

Great app

Love being able to store my recipes on the go. And for those reviews complaining about adding their own recipes, that can be done on the site.

Same here

I can't figure out how to add recipes either. Deleted this app.

Call me dumb...

Call me dumb, but I just can't figure out how to add and type up my own recipes. Not sure if there is a button or tab for it...any help?

Nothing easier to cook with in the kitchen

A great app and easy to use. It lets me easily access my recipes and does a nice job of inspiring me with new recipes added by other users. I can mark a recipe as a favorite to find it quickly while shopping for ingredients and it lets me snap and upload a photo of what I made. Overall, one of the best apps I have.


Best app to organise and find all my recipes

Uploading recipes from a photo

The recipes are blurry when I take a picture from a site and try to upload. I can't read them

Not ready yet... But download anyway

I see what they are trying to do (and its a great idea...and we need it), but the development is not there yet. Do them a favor, download it, set up an account (because they need the numbers to grow) but don't use it until they work more on the UI. Basic ease of use things are not there, but I see how they can and will be later. Great idea guys...but I need it to work now. As soon as you push your next update, I'll be waiting. Good Luck.

The best. Love it!

Best app to keep and organize my recipes. Perfect for helping me in the kitchen or shopping for recipes.


This is a fantastic service for food lovers with a fun and easy to use app and website. The problem seems to be lack of users and with such a huge variety of apps and websites just like this and of course Pinterest it could be a challenge. The big problem here is if you want more storage space and to remove ads it's $50 a year. YIKES! With so many free options out there like Pinterest I think charging is the wrong way to go about this. I'm hoping for many updates because this is cool but free means more users for sure.

Fastest way to chronicle food

This is awesome. Easy to share on Facebook and save stuff from FB I want to make (or have @offthemeathook make :) )

Cool recipe app

Cool app. Works well with the FoodFolio website!

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